Dutch Safari Co.

You consult a sommelier before ordering a $200 bottle of wine. You hire an accountant to do your taxes. You let a professional plan your wedding. Why should buying a classic car be any different? Maybe you have your dream car in mind already, like the dark blue 1971 Porsche 911 coupe you’ve lusted after ever since you first saw it in your neighbor’s driveway when you were seven years old. Maybe you know that you want a Defender, a diesel daily driver with the option to leave forever. Or maybe you just know that you want something sexy and unique, that spices up your daily commute and breaks necks on weekend drives. Whether you know exactly what driver’s seat you want to be sitting in, or just know how you want to feel when you sit in it, we can help. We are sourcers of the rare and the sexy, for any budget, from project to show car.