Integrative Mind Body Therapies

We are all born with an innate hunger to be touched. 👐 👭 At the IMBT, we believe in the healing power of touch. As adults, we crave touch. We desire to be held in someone's arms, to hug, to engage our sensual urges, to be stroked, cuddled, caressed and loved. Touch is the most powerful way to communicate empathy, friendship, approval, affirmation and love to one another. We can nurture each other deeply with a gentle caress of our hand, sharing the warmth of skin-to-skin contact. The importance of touch therapy has long been recognized as an important tool for healing the heart, an expression of sensual pleasure and a pathway for spiritual enlightenment. 😊 Who We Are 😊 The Institute of Mind Body Therapy (IMBT) represents a variety of professionals including surrogate partners, sexological bodyworkers, pelvic floor therapists, Tantra energy workers, doctors, nurses and many others. ✔️ We teach certified bodywork professionals to interact cooperatively with psychotherapists to expand their client base and to create a bridge between those who heal the mind and those who heal the body. ✔️ OUR GOAL IS to train talk only clinicians (therapists, psychologists, MFT’s, sex therapists, medical professionals and counselors) how to work effectively with a broad range of somatic professionals. ➡️ Bodywork professionals are healers of the body much like psychotherapists are healers of the mind. Both aspects are equally important in helping many individuals attain wholeness and fulfillment in their relationships, starting with the most important one: themselves.