Shine Soccer Academy Cleveland,TN

Shine Soccer Academy is a vibrant coaching company offering outstanding player development programs. Our emphasis is on long term development through the proven methods of training. The Shine Soccer Academy and dedicated professional staff are guaranteed to meet your needs through our proven player curriculum. We have All Girls and Co-Ed training session for maximum development. We are not a club team; we are a player development academy that also embraces club players who want to advance their game and achieve their full potential. Shine Soccer academy applies a similar training methodology and philosophy used in Brazil, the “soccer country”. Our age-appropriate training incorporates scientific and pedagogical methods from National Soccer Coaches Association of America as well as the latest ball mastery skills from Brazil. Shine Soccer Academy Badge’s System The Nathan Brown Shine Soccer Academy program, works hand in hand with the U.S National Soccer development model as well as the Brazilian philosophy of playing soccer. The Shine Soccer Skills Badge’s lead to the development of great players who can play the game with ingenuity and creativity. SSA (Shine Soccer Academy) Skills Badge Scheme, is extremely difficult to accomplish, you have to put in hours of practice to progress. For our beginners we have established two starter levels which will assist the advancement of basic ball handling, passing skills and facilitate them to progress on to mastering simple ball-juggling techniques, turns, faints, fakes and overall ball control. There are seven stages of the SSA Badge system. The first two stages are certificates for our entry level players. Then as players mature, and increase their technical ability they will move up acquiring customized badges showing their development while completing advanced soccer skills. · First Kick Awards (Certificate) · Second Kick Awards (Certificate) · Level One – Blue Award · Level Two – Red Award · Level Three- Bronze Award · Level Four – Silver Award · Level Five – Gold Award When your player completes the Gold Challenge, they will have learned at least 17 different skills, and improved in the area of passing, dribbling, agility, heading, juggling, shooting and in their overall soccer game! Every Soccer Program or clinic will provide an assessment day for players to attain these Awards. See your child develop before your eyes! Let’s get them started! SIGN UP FOR THE NEXT COURSE. “Let your light SHINE”