Oak & Olive Design Studio

Salvaging, creating, finding beauty and purpose in the old is what I do. Scouring around flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, auctions, antique stores- I love it all. I need to dig and get my hands dirty and dusty all in the name of revitalization. Found objects are the best way to add meaning and life to any room. Living rooms aren't just living rooms and bedrooms aren't just bedrooms...they are the rooms of your home. A place to feel comfortable in and a place to feel lived in. Add one or two vintage items to a room and you'll instantly get it and so will others because there's a story behind that one object whether it's big or small. Please peruse my website, blog, Etsy shop and facebook page. I hope to inspire as well as give the gift of vintage and handmade. If there's something you see that you like, contact me! All items are for sale and I will gladly help with delivery in the Madison, WI area. Items will be listed sold if they are unavailable. Please inquire as I will be taking most pieces to the summer markets! Commissioned Pieces I LOVE commissions! Please contact me for a quote. I love to help others revive their old or outdated furniture. It's super helpful if you include a description of what you are envisioning for it! Feel free to send photos of your piece and inspiration pins to [email protected]


With a passion for beautiful, unique, and highly personalized interiors; Oak & Olive Design Studio will assist you in creating a living space that has a touch of luxury, loads of comfort, while staying functional for daily life.