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SPRING INTO SUMMER SPECIAL: 4 Wraps - $139 5 Wraps - $199 MOVING SPECIAL!! 1 Wrap - $35 3 Wraps - $99 5 Wraps - $160 Refer a friend and receive half off your next session! Sale good through April. Package expires 1 year after purchase. To purchase package, please visit: Please call or email with any questions. [email protected] 608.212.3325 Regular Pricing: 1 Wrap Session $80 3 Wraps Sessoin $200 6 Wraps Session $400 10 Wraps Session $700 1 Month Unlimited: $900 (note: required 48 hours in-between sessions) Customer Referral program: 1 referral: 1 half price wrap What is Skinny Wrap/Formostar? Far Infrared energy increases the body's molecular vibration by actually vibrating the cell structure to help break the connections between deposits, such as fats and toxins, generating heat which is absorbed through the skin. Continuous vibration of the body's molecules does the following: Increases dermis temperature Enlarges blood vessels Stimulates blood circulation Activates metabolism in tissues and cells This process provides therapeutic and tissue regenerative properties when humans absorb the energy. The ergonomically-designed silicone pads of the Encore systems provide Far Infrared heat generation to an Active Carbon Fiber Matrix contained within the pads - providing even distribution of the infrared heat across the surface of the silicone wraps. When the Formostar Encore applies infrared heat deep into the body where fat tissues exist, the result is increased metabolism rates causing fat tissue to break up, burning excess calories as energy. This enables the Encore system to aid in: Weight Loss Body Contouring/Reshaping Fat & inch loss Pain Relief Detoxification Skin Enhancement Improved appearance of cellulite Who can use and benefit from Skinny Wrap? Men and Women who are looking for inch loss, weight loss & body shaping; detoxifying the body & cellulite reduction; tighten & rejuvenate skin; pain management; post pregnancy recovery and ease of skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Caloric Burning Equivalents Per 60-Minute Session: Activity Calories Skinny Wrap/Formostar Infrared Body Wrap System 1,400+ Marathon Running 1,186 Raquetball 1,020 Swimming 600 Jogging 600 Tennis 530 Cycling (10mph) 450 Walking (3.5mph) 350


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