Nerve DJs Mixtapes & Mp3 DJ Pool is a Music & Video site where Artist and DJs can Upload, Download and Stream music from Independent and Major artists of all genres. We also host the largest DJ Coalitions Mp3 pool that services 5000 DJs, A&R Reps, Producers, Bloggers & Promoters across America and Abroad. Starting as, LLC 13 years ago, NerveDjs was established by four prominent DJs in Cleveland, Ohio. FOUNDERS: DJ Dizzi Dee, DJ Mastamynn, DJ Quest95 and DJ Johnny O Not satisfied with simply getting music from a local record pool, these four DJs established N.E.R.V.E. a union where local and regional disc jockeys could benefit from a union or an association of DJs and musicians in the area for the purpose of economic empowerment. The Association was incorporated in 2003. The Association realized that bringing disc jockeys together under one roof, an economic force to be reckoned with would be established in northern Ohio. After achieving immediate success, this philosophy was used to branch out to other states. Today, has members throughout the United States and beyond. The purpose of forming the Nerve DJs Association is not to just distribute promotional MP3s for establishing a music library, but again, but to create an organization were both musicians and disc jockeys would benefit economically by partnerships with one another, Major and Independent Record Labels, Industry giants such as Rane, Stanton, Pioneer, Numark, Native Instruments, and audio manufacturers and software suppliers. Unlike record pools and MP3 pools that simply distribute promotional tracks to disc jockeys and those who claim to be disc jockeys, boasts that we are providing a service that far outweighs anything that a MP3 pool or a record pool could ever provide. In April of 2005, sponsored a workshop that demonstrated hands-on techniques of new software from Serato. What was unique about our first sponsored event is that Rane sent in the Legendary DJ Jazzy Jay as the presenter. Each month we hold monthly music business conferences and showcase’s, to acquaint disc jockeys and artists with one another and the digital world, new audio hardware/software and of course new products that make us DJs jobs fun. We boast to provide the best information and technology to our members. Today, 13 years later we have over 3800+ members worldwide; our members are mostly DJs, Producers, Artists, Promoters and Bloggers. Join & Mp3 Pool. We Break Your Trax, Not Your Stack$! We are The Independent Muzik Movaz! Become a part of the NerveDJs Family; we are more than a coalition! We Empower our DJs!

About & Mp3 Pool Created February 2013. We service over 2500 DJs from the Nerve Djs Mp3 Pool and it's FREE to upload your music.

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