Henry River Mill Village

For almost two decades, the Henry River Mill Village has been dormant. A clear victim of neglect, old age, and vandalism, Henry River stands as a metaphor of our own lives as it slowly dances with time. On the surface, the once vibrant village appears abandoned, lost, and well beyond repair. Still today though, Henry River watches the world speed by while waiting patiently in a uniquely beautiful form of hibernation. Waiting patiently for a new purpose. After 112 years, there has been a lot of history made in the village, and there are many families in the local community with ancestors that grew up at Henry River and are still alive to tell the story today. With the influence of multiple generations of families and the influence and interest from the Hunger Games, Henry River continues to attract tourists and locals daily. Even with this amount of attention and community support, Henry River has experienced no major improvements or developments for decades. With the last resident moving out in the early 2000s, time has slowly begun to win the battle on the living memories of the village. Without intervention, we will no longer have first hand accounts of life in the village, we will no longer have the wooden mill houses and brick Company Store, and we will no longer have the beautiful maple trees that line Henry River Road making a grand entrance to the village and a feeling of serenity for all those that visit. This is what motivated us to purchase the property and dedicate our efforts towards the preservation and restoration of the mill hill. The Henry River Mill Village has a long journey ahead, and it will certainly take a village to get to the next stage in it’s young life. We know a dream without hard-work is nothing more than a dream. We also know that without a dream, there is no vision to work towards. For Henry River, we have a clear vision for the future, and more importantly, we have our team and entire community of hard workers behind it. This will truly be a one of a kind experience and a monument to those that worked so hard, generation after generation, to build what we have today.


The official page for the Henry River Mill Village, also known as District 12 from the Hunger Games. Please like our page, and please donate or volunteer to help save the village!

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