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Chadwick Financial Advisors is an Independent Financial Advisory practice unbiased financial advice. This allows Michael and the team at Chadwick Financial Advisors, to be highly unique in firm structure - fiercely independent - and proud of it. We don't manufacture any products nor are we "in bed" with any corporate giant who does. The open architecture we have access to is designed to offer an atmosphere where you'll receive personalized advice and counsel in a conflict-of-interest free environment. Helping people improve their financial situations is our mission. One definition of insanity is doing what you've always done and expecting different results. It is true that in order to work towards improving your outcome you'll need a proven, systematic process that is easy to implement and maintain. We've been entrusted to help hundreds of families, businesses, charities and pension funds work towards reaching their goals - truly an honor and a responsibility we do not take lightly - we treat client assets as if they are our own. We can help you protect what you have by making responsible decisions today as well as watching out for your future - helping you avoid potential problems decades down the road. The forethought we put into the process is something many people don't appreciate for years until they realize how important a decision years ago is in their life today. We have a proven process using a proprietary modeling system we've created, to allow you to see complex financial situations in simple terms - graphs, spreadsheets and pictures. The modeling system will allow you to see how things will likely unfold based on decisions you make today. You can see how each different decision you make today may affect you later in life. After experiencing this tool, many have said it is impossible to make informed decisions without it - we agree. We will communicate with you on a level you can understand to help you make conscious, responsible decisions for you, your family and others that you are responsible for. If you learn through hearing, seeing or doing we will tailor our communications to match your learning style so you'll walk away knowing what was said. Whether you are making decisions for your family, a trust, a pension fund, charities or employees Michael Chadwick can help you towards reaching your goals and achieving your objectives. Educating the public on how finances work is what we strive to do. Unfortunately there is no formal financial schooling in our educational system today and each person is left to his or her own devices - proceed at your own risk. The apple typically doesn't fall far from the tree so for most of us we do what our parents did. Today's society is so marketing driven that the marketing departments of corporations are working hard to separate you from your money - we are here to help prevent that by responsibly managing the resources you're responsible for. Most people can live well today and simultaneously be well prepared and comfortable for tomorrow with the right advice. Registered Represtentative, securities offered through Portsmouth Financial. a Broker/Dealer, member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisor Representative, Chadwick Financial Advisors, LLC & Portsmouth Smartlife, LLC., a Registered Investment Advisor. Chadwick Financial Advisors, Portsmouth, Portsmouth Smartlife are not affiliated.


Helping people improve their financial situations is our mission.We've been entrusted to help hundreds of families, businesses, charities and pension funds work towards reaching their goals. We treat client assets as if they are our own.

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