Danny Gerard Realtor

I was born and raised in Socorro New Mexico and love the state in which I grew up. I learned many things about hard work and being dedicated to the people I worked for to help them be successful was to help me be successful. I learned that helping people was the most rewarding job you could do. I graduated from New Mexico State University with Degrees in Economics, Business and Marketing. I felt that these degrees would best allow me to help the most number of people and families. I then moved to our Great Sun City of El Paso Texas in 2003 was able to find a terrific job in Banking as a Credit analyst. The Company gave me many opportunities to shine and move up to become one of the Youngest Market Presidents ever in the Company. This was due to making myself available to the Bank in Moving to new cities or working extra anytime it was needed to complete the job that was needed to be done. My Love for Real Estate and Investing has been a long time in the making having bought my first flip home more than 15 years ago, after that my passion for Real Estate grew into building and construction of New Homes and investing in Both Commercial and Residential Properties. My History has prepared me to be a Great Realtor for my clients and to help the accomplish the greatest feeling in the world of either Buying a new Home or Selling the one the currently have to allow them to move forward with the Next Chapter and adventure life has to offer. My Name is Daniel Gerard and "I am the most interesting REALTOR in the World".