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Providing True Solutions for Life-Long Health Forum Health, Rollingwood offers holistic, personalized medicine that targets the underlying causes of a disease and health challenges. Rather than treating the symptoms, our providers treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – with customized care plans that are tailored to individual needs. With a broad range of advanced diagnostics and innovative therapies, Forum Health providers reveal otherwise hidden issues that patients may not realize impact their everyday life. Here in Texas, our team of industry leading physicians, nurse practitioners, and health coaches help with: Environmental Toxins Co-Infections Chronic Pain Relief Detoxification Hormone Optimization Gut Health Nutritional Balance Chronic Fatigue Relief CIRS / Mycotoxins And More! If you’re searching for personalized care that gives you the health and life that you deserve, contact Forum Health today at 855.467.5922.


The medical practice of Wally Taylor, MD and Jenny Sechler, DC - two prominent leaders in personalized medicine with over 50 years of experience in Lyme disease, environmental toxins, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, anti-aging, nutrition, and more!

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