United Heritage Credit Union

Contents: 1. About United Heritage Credit Union (UHCU) 2. UHCU Policy 1. United Heritage Credit Union is Austin-based and Texas-bred. Since 1957, we've served the Austin area and Tyler communities, so we know what matters to our members. We take pride in our emphasis on mutual trust and respect. Please take a few minutes to learn more about the United Heritage difference and see what is happening in our communities. If you have additional questions or want more information about United Heritage services, visit our website at, drop by your neighborhood branch or give us a call — 512.435.4545 903.597.7484 800.531.2328 Federally insured by NCUA --------------------------------------------------- 2. UHCU Policy: UHCU welcomes participation and encourages appropriate and respectful social interaction. All comments are screened in accordance with UHCU comment policy. The following types of comments will be removed and/or the user banned: Advertising and solicitation Explicit, graphic or obscene comments Comments deemed offensive Information pertaining to a specific member or non-public information including but not limited to: social security numbers, member numbers, account numbers, contact information, check or debit card numbers. Please note that specific member information will not be provided via this Facebook page. The comment policy is subject to modifications at any time. While we make every attempt to ensure the information provided on this website is reliable, human or technical errors may occur. UHCU is not responsible for any errors resulting from our Facebook page. This applies to links to other websites. The inclusion of links on our Facebook page does not constitute endorsement of information or opinions of other organizations. UHCU does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of Facebook information. If there is a conflict between the information provided on our Facebook page and the laws and regulations governing United Heritage Credit Union, any decisions will be based on the law and not the information on this website. Please visit for additional information about UHCU. Please call 512.435.4545 903.597.7484 800.531.2328 or email [email protected] for assistance.


United Heritage Credit Union is Austin-based and Texas-bred. Since 1957, we’ve served the Austin area and Tyler communities. Learn more about us at Federally Insured by NCUA