Los Lunas Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene

Welcome - We hope our greeting will convey the pleasure we feel in having you visit us. Although you are a guest, don’t feel as a stranger, for you are among God’s people. Consider yourself one of us. May every aspect of the service be a blessing and uplift. If you wish, bow your head in silent prayer for those who minister, and for your fellow worshipers. Many of us make a practice of doing that. Join in the congregational singing. We hope that the selections will be familiar. We highly regard the old, standard, devotional hymns, but we also enjoy the more modem, spirited, gospel songs of praise and testimony. We believe that joy and praise are always appropriate in the house of the Lord. Unite your prayer with ours. Our public prayers are rather informal, and extemporaneous, and usually expressed with unmistakable earnestness. Sometimes we kneel or we may stand. Whatever the posture, we approach our Heavenly Father with reverence and expectancy, and address our prayers in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When the offering plate is passed, do not be embarrassed if you are not prepared to participate, or if you have obligations elsewhere. When the minister stands before you to deliver her message, you may be sure that she has been on her knees before coming to the pulpit. She has sought the mind of the Lord for the truth she is to deliver. She has sought divine guidance for what she may say. The Church of the Nazarene is evangelical in doctrine and evangelistic in practice. We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, the foundation of Christian faith, and the Guide to devout, God-fearing living We believe in revivals, in preaching repentance, and urging men and women to forsake sin and seek God for forgiveness and cleansing. Pastor Alanna


Our vision is to be a church that is GROWING UP in our relationship with God; GROWING DEEPER in fellowship with each other; and GOING OUT to share the love of Christ with our community! Sunday services are at 11 am! See you then!