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Not every taxpayer situation requires a Certified Public Accountant to prepare their tax return. In fact, industry documents conclude that 2 out of 3 taxpayer returns are simple[1][2]. Amazingly though, the average cost of preparing a simple return is $146[2]. We think that is too high and are guessing you think so as well! We do not base our fees on what others typically charge, nor do we claim to provide free services only to expect payment on what is later found in the fine print. Our fee schedule is straight forward and based on our costs plus a fair profit for the services performed. We also do not cut corners just to offer competitive fees. Our tax software vendor is an IRS e-file partner. They provide an accurate guarantee warranty on their product. Our office is registered with the IRS as an ERO originator. Our tax professionals are registered with the IRS as paid preparers. And through a partnership we can offer most customers a prepaid debit card settlement option where you can have tax preparation fees deducted from your refund. We purchase the same industry standard insurances and bonds as most of our competitors hopefully do. So if you are in or are around the Madison, Maine area, we hope you will consider us. Reference links as of 12/17/13: 1. 2.


Professional Tax Preparation Services for Individuals and Small Businesses

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