The Owl Oracle

Guidance when you need it most Since the age of nine, Chrystal has been honing her talents through many avenues of Spirit-based learning. Most notably, her highest sensitive psychic channel is clairsentience, which literally means ‘clear sensing’. It is a heightened sensitivity to energy and emotion as well as ‘intuitive knowing’. This skill offers you a unique opportunity for Chrystal to tap into your feelings for a much more profound experience. Born into a lineage of psychic mediums and gifted healers, she is the expert you have been searching for, and she is ready to share her gifts with you. Chrystal receives valuable information from Spirit guides and helpers, animal spirits and angels. She is also able to observe your aura and its effects on your current state. Chrystal’s innate intuitive ability extends to people, pets, places and the Spirit realm. Her knack for ‘speaking’ with animals has earned her a reputation as a skilled translator between pet and owner. Her in-depth perception of an animal’s energy field can provide you with tremendous understanding. Additionally, you can also find relief in her knowledge as a medical intuitive, for both people and pets. With this essential information, you can then take control of your well-being for today and in the future. Meet Chrystal. She offers Intuitive Counseling encompassing decades of experience as an empath, psychic medium, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, healer, spiritual teacher/coach, speaker and Akashic Records facilitator through her energetic alignment with Spirit. Her compassion, intuition and wisdom are at the core of her practice. Chrystal’s calm and soothing style will bring you clarity, focus and peace of mind. Whether she is communicating messages from loved ones who have crossed over, interpreting spiritual meanings through angel/tarot card readings or providing insight into current life circumstances, Chrystal offers a host of psychic abilities for guiding you to the answers you seek. Know that your comfort and confidentiality are Chrystal’s top priorities. She is available to answer any questions for you – absolutely nothing is off limits for discussion. She exudes a caring, nonjudgmental attitude and an open heart. You can rest assured that you will receive a personally meaningful and satisfactory reading that is in your best interest. Her insightful messages offer guidance for the infinite possibilities of a future that is constantly in motion and unfolding in untold ways. With the powerful combination of Chrystal’s guidance, along with your free will, you can better envision the life you want to create. Allow Chrystal to lead you to the place where you can finally move forward with confidence and the assurance that Spirit ‘has got your back’.