Sol Marketing

Brands profit here. You could build a brand on your own. But we don't recommend it. Sol Marketing exists for one reason: to build winning brands. Sol can help your brand win by finding and engaging with your best customers --the customers most predictive of your success. Your most profitable customers. We do that through a combination of brand strategy, market research and marketing services for times when you are: - positioning your brand - developing and telling your brand's "story" - opening new markets - segmenting, profiling and prioritizing your audience - bringing your brand to new customers - increasing the value of your existing customers - sizing a market opportunity - re-igniting your brand, or seeking better results from your brand marketing efforts. Our happy clients will tell you that our focus on results rather than activities, strategic thinking and innate ability to do ANYTHING is what makes us unlike any other firm they've worked with. You'll be in good company among our clients' winning brands, ranging from household names to emerging concepts that all have the power to lead in their marketplaces.