Bob Accettullo Films

We’re passionate, caring, award-winning filmmakers that enjoy what we do. We are storytellers. Lead cinematographer Bob Accettullo and his team have been crafting wedding films for over two decades. Today, our modern cinematic films are the result of continuing our education, learning new styles and studying amazing techniques with some of the nations top filmmakers. We strive for excellence! Now filming with DSLR camera technology and 35 mm optics, we’re able to finally get the amazing look and feel that we, as well as our clients have only dreamed about in the past. In the early years, Bob Accettullo studied audio and video production and began his career in the pro audio business working as product specialist at dbx inc. in Newton, MA. Bob assisted many of the world’s most prestigious sound companies and recording studios with an unprecedented level of technical and customer support. He began shooting and editing video and founded his first company Starlite Video. Working over the years he’s become the recommended vendor at many of Boston’s most prestigious hotels and venues. Since then, he’s created thousands of videos and his work has been featured on network TV, AFV, VH-1, and on the Today Show. Our clients put a high value on the care and time we take to tell their stories thru beautiful cinematography. Bob and team enjoy working with people and put their heart and soul into every detail using an “invisible” journalistic approach. Using this low-keyed style, we consistently acheive a very natural looking, unstressed, relaxed appearing wedding film. Our clients tell us “these look so much like movies” and it’s not uncommon to see potential clients shedding a few tears while viewing our sample films. Then we know we’ve done our work correctly! Bob serves as President of the New England Professional Videographers Association (NPVA) where he continues to learn cutting edge techniques and frequently speaks about his work to the membership and his peers. “My company specializes in producing short form wedding films. These are modern, artistic and creatively edited 30 minute fun and romantic films that capture the essence of the day and highlight the couple and families.” “Our standards of quality and customer service are very high.” “My goal is to produce a film that will exceed your expectations and blow you away!” Looking forward to talking about filming your wedding!