Stop Parental Alienation

The intent is to destroy the child’s relationship with the alienated parent which typically includes the child’s grandparents and all other relationships on the alienated parents side. When actual Parental Abuse by the alienated parent is present, parental alienation is not applicable. With that said, false accusations of Child Abuse and/or Child Neglect are very common in Divorce Cases involving child custody disputes. Parental Alienation Legal Definition (not to be confused with Parental Alienation Syndrome PAS): “A form of Emotional Child Abuse where a custodial parent belittles or vilifies the other parent to the child. Parental alienation occurs when one parent convinces the children that the other parent is not trustworthy, lovable or caring – in short, not a good parent.” The brainwashing delivered upon a young, emotional, vulnerable and impressionable mind of the child is very effective. In prolonged Parental Alienation, an emotional time bomb is permanently planted in the child’s brain. Even if both parents make amends, the child will turn against the alienating parent, or stays alienated from the other, or in some extreme cases, both. When a child first chooses to go along with the alienating parent, they feel as if they are helping to avoid conflict and the tug-of-war that they are going through. Regardless, unless action to stop this child abuse is not stopped early, this child torture will stifle the child from developing into a normal and emotionally stable mature adult, and even a good parent in their own future. If the parental alienation child abuse is not stopped in time, there is no cure. No parent who has been unjustly alienated from their child will ever be able to retrieve the time lost with their child, and the child suffers the same fate. Parental alienation is not gender specific, but since Primary Custody is awarded to mothers by the courts the majority of time, the majority of alienating parents are mothers. So why would any loving parent damage their child’s relationship with the other loving parent? The intentions vary, but psychologists give some of the reasons as being: >The alienating parent has ongoing anger and/or hatred for the other parent and are unable to differentiate those issues from parenting issues. >The alienating parent has psychological issues stemming from their own childhood projected on the alienated parent. >The alienating parent has a personality disorder (narcissism, sociopath, paranoia) therefore rendering them unable to be empathetic with their child’s feelings or even see the child abuse they are doing. >The alienating parent is so insecure with their parenting skills that they project their own concerns onto the alienated parent. >The alienating parent is so wrapped up in the child’s life that they have no identity of their own. This make them view the other parent’s relationship with the child as a threat. >The alienating parent’s new spouse pushes them into this behavior for their own reasons or personal gains, and the alienating parent gives in. Parental Alienation is Child Abuse Each child who is the victim of parental alienation child abuse suffers throughout their life. Try to imagine being very young, afraid, confused, losing a loving parent, your grandparents, your other relatives and even all of your friends. Now imagine not being allowed to acknowledge the loss nor being able to do anything about it, not even morn the loss! “The child’s good memories of the alienated parent are systematically destroyed and the child misses out on the day-to-day interaction, learning, support and love which, in an intact family, usually flows between the child and both parents, as well as grandparents and other relatives on both sides.” Don’t tell me this isn’t child abuse!


Parental Alienation Child Abuse is the gradual, systematic brainwashing of a child by the Alienating Parent against the Alienated Parent. Stop the abuse!