Nova Wolf Productions

Every production company wants to help you tell your story. That's a given. HOW you tell that story, though, is just as important as WHAT it is. We think your heart is the backbone of the production. Bare it for us and we'll do the same. We want you to make your mark from Pre-Production to Post and Beyond. That's why we offer: Pre-Production The planning stage. Concept Development (Video & Photo) Script-writing Casting Market Research Budget & Scheduling Location Scouting Production The exciting day(s) of shooting. Video & Photography Production Management Cast/Crew Equipment Furnishing Lighting Design Set Design Props Behind-The-Scenes Post-Production Bringing it all together. Video Editing Photo Retouching Color Correction Motion Graphics Digital Effects Music Composition Digital/Physical Delivery Beyond... Once you have the finished product, what do you do with it? We help you reach your audience by offering: Creative Campaign Direction SEO Consultation Social Media Marketing Web Design We value professionalism with a strong sense of style. We strive to push the limits of our creativity and enjoy a good challenge. Our team is comprised of individuals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual mediums.