Global Coat. "Professional Resinous Applications"

When hiring someone to do an epoxy floor for you they want to get in, get out, and make $! Everyone wants that! Everyone wants the easy way! its nature! But what makes Global Coat different from other local companies is that we strive to meet the standards that our company lives up to. We practice and practice to become the company in El Paso that always leaves their customers happy, and content to the point to where they will recommend us to their loved ones with confidence! We embrace the trust our clients give us to build a bond so we are always on the same page! our materials are premium epoxies that are crack proof, chemical resistant, and of course we always protect them with a layer of water based protector-thane (or a couple layers) to ensure top notch finish and results. Give us a chance to meet you and see if there is any way we can help you in any of your needs, and thank you for your time.


We coat with creativity and innovation. Using cutting edge products and technology we seek to change ordinary surfaces into a variety of popular looks.

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