Nature of Healing

Welcome to my page and my thoughts on Naturopathy. In a nutshell, naturopathic medicine is nature's medicine where the tools of nature are Nature's farmacy. Natural medicine appreciates our inherent connection to our environment and the capacity of our bodies to self-heal if given the right tools; the tools of nature. As part of Nature we are both physical bodies and energetic beings. We are more than meets the eye. It makes sense to focus on all our aspects; body, mind, and spirit to come into balance with ourselves, as well as the planet that sustains us since our nature IS Nature. Healing is not a destination. It is a journey. It is also an art since we are always evolving and becoming who we are. Health is a reflection of every decision we make along our way, from the food we choose to put into your bodies to the thoughts we keep in our minds. Just as the planet is not set up to fail, neither are we. Health is our natural state. So true health becomes our responsibility in how we take care of ourselves and the planet. - Rosanne Lindsay, B.C.N.D. Get the book, Nature of Healing and learn more.