Mountain Air Helicopters

Mountain Air Helicopters is an FAA certified Air Carrier and External Load operator, working under stringent rules with a strong safety record. Specializing in high-altitude and external load operations with our fleet of Eurocopter AS350B3 “A-Star”, Aerospatiale SA315B “Lama” and Hughes 500D, we have been successful in understanding your project needs and providing customized service for your assignments. Our years of experience have proven to be a great asset for your team's professional flight department. Services we provide: Powerline Construction Geo-tech Drill Setting Wildland Firefighting Seismic Exploration Heli-Ski Operations Reforestation Projects Charter Services Concrete and Grout Pouring Tower Foundation Support Precision External Load Placement


Mountain Air Helicopters provides safe, professional, customer-oriented utility helicopter services to commercial, state, and federal government organizations.

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