Klean Image Janitorial

The KISS Janitorial Green Cleaning Process and CompuClean ensure the success of your cleaning program. Environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products simply create a healthier atmosphere for your business. A healthier environment increases productivity and makes your business more attractive to your employees, customers, and the community. Basic principles of our Green Care Now Program include but not limited to the following: Focus on entryways inside and out. A building’s entryway is poised to greet clients and is a reflection of the business that resides inside. Every door in your building allows uninvited guests, in the forms of dirt, dust and allergens, to settle further into your building. In fact, up to 24 pounds of dirt and other particulates can be tracked in through a building’s front door during a 20-day work period, according to a recent study conducted by ISSA. However, did you know that knowledgeable building service contractors can stop 90 percent of dirt from entering the building by installing effective matting systems and providing proper green maintenance. The “right” equipment. We improve Indoor Air Quality by minimizing particles and chemicals in the air. We use Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) approved HEPA filter vacuum cleaners with a filtration system that traps 99.97% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns in size. The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) is the independent science-based source for the facts about carpet, rugs, and the equipment. To give you an idea of the size of a micron, it takes 25,400 microns to equal 1 inch (2.54 cm). Conversely, 4/100,000ths of an inch equals one micron. A particle of 10 microns is invisible to the naked eye. Pollen ranges between 5-100 microns. Human hair between 70-100 microns. A HEPA filter is so efficient that for every 10,000 particles that enter the filter within its filtering range, only 3 particles will get through. Surprisingly, HEPA filters become even more efficient the longer they are in use. For this reason HEPA filters are used in environments that rely on high clean-air standards. Surgical facilities, tuberculosis wards, clean rooms and laboratories are a few examples of environments that utilize HEPA filters. HEPA filters are particularly useful for allergy and respiratory sufferers. Our certified technicians keep our equipment clean and well maintained. CompuClean verifies this process. Only Certified Products. We use third party environmental certification products such as Green Seal (GS 37), EPA Label Deigned For The Environment (DfE) or Canada’s Environmental Choice in our program. This takes the guesswork out of product selection. Third party certification provides assurance that a product has been independently tested and found to meet verifiable criteria in its environmental and health impacts. It also ensures that a program of repeat verification and factory inspection is in place to ensure continuing compliance. If a product is certified by Green Seal under the GS-37 Standard for Institutional Cleaners, or the GS-40 floor care products standard, for example, you can be sure it has met numerous health and environmental criteria and that it has been evaluated for successful cleaning performance as well. We remind facility managers everyday that green cleaning encompasses the “Science Of Cleaning For Health”, not just incorporating sustainable products into a cleaning operation. Products are only part of the solution. The other part is the training, processes and procedures. Without training, processes, and procedures in the equation, sustainable products may in fact be more dangerous than traditional cleaning products. OSHA, Training And Microfiber. We promote safety through OSHA with on-going safety training and testing of our certified technicians professionals. Safer products and proper use and storage of these products help create a safer environment. We also have on-going green education classes for our certified technicians. Cross-contamination prevention class is just one example. In this class we focus on regularly cleaning common touch points where germs and bacteria exists. This includes, fixture handles, stall walls and doors, faucets, soap and towel dispensers, as well as door handles. Color-coded microfiber is one of the tools we use to ensure that pollutants, germs and bacteria don’t get carried from one area (such as a restroom) to another (such as a desk top). In this class, we focus on the use of chemical management systems for accurate product dilution as well as applying products throughout the building properly and making sure the green products has the proper dwell time so that soil, bacteria, and germs are thoroughly removed from surfaces. Is This It? No, this is just a partial list of our training, processes, practices and procedures. As technology change, we change and introduce new and exciting concepts into our system.