Think Plan Launch

We help companies hire, train, and retain top performers - so they can build their "Dream Team." We are not a recruiting firm - rather, we are consultants who use a variety of tools that have been tested in the marketplace and proven to work over the past 35 years. Our predictive analytics software, talent assessment products, and consultative processes have been awarded patents and used by companies such as Coca Cola, American Express, Mercedez Benz, and many more. Our tools have been translated into more than 40 languages and are used around the globe in over 90 countries. Close to 30 million people at 100,000 companies have used our products before. Furthermore, our tools and research has been highlighted in the media in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. We believe everyone has unique talents of which they are often unaware. Through our validated processes, we can accurately track and measure these talents to determine job fit, plus coach business leaders and employees for heightened performance and motivation. Everybody wins when job fit is good and performance is at its highest. Employees are happy and employers get way more bang for their buck, including reduced turnover. Cost savings are known to climb well into the six-to-seven figure range with our services. Please call or email us today if you are interested in a free consultation or sample of one of our award-winning talent assessment products.