1. 1. Atlanta- Southern Sweet tea- you won’t believe how amazing this smell is! 2. Beast- Definitely a princely fragrance, this woodsy mix will be your favorite long after midnight. 3. Beauty- Subtle, soft, and lovely. This one stays close to the skin with a sensual touch. 4. Black Jasmine- Cotton and cashmere are a luxurious complement to crisp ozone and rich amber topped off with butter jasmine in this sophisticated scent. 5. Bliss- Exotic neroli and bright tangerine come together in a sweet and sharp love for the senses! 6. Breathe- Peppermint and Eucalyptus 7. Cheeky- Herbaceous notes of rosemary and basil brightened with lemon and lime, and sweetened with lovely spearmint! 8. Cherry Divinity- Fresh blooming cherry trees, jasmine, honeysuckle, a hint of Ylang Ylang and a perfect touch of white musk combine for a divine aroma. 9. Crystal Ball - Island sweet coconut brightened with tart grapefruit and sunny lemon- a perfect summertime smell! 10. Dark Skies- Sensuous and beautiful, this scent is stormy and spicy and most definitely masculine. 11. Dawn- Bergamot and sandalwood are made for an elegant lady when paired with light florals, white pepper and sweet vanilla notes. This feminine scent is a perfect complement to its masculine counterpart, Dusk. 12. Daydream- Lovely Lavender and sweet vanilla bean rock you gently into la la land with this sleepy blend of beauty. 13. Desire- Warm rich vanilla and smoky smooth sandalwood come together for a sensual awakening you have to smell to believe. 14. Escape- Tropical like no other: lush pineapple, fresh coconut, and just a dash of vanilla and orange. Do you drink it, or wear it? 15. Eve- Crisp and juicy apple combines with lovely rich pear blossoms to give a lift to your day! 16. Eye Candy- Sharp spearmint combines with delicate, sweet apples to bring you a very unique aroma! 17. Harvest- Pumpkin everywhere! Just like fall in a jar! 18. Heartthrob- Strawberry fields overlaid with clouds of vanilla scented heaven- sweet and luscious! 19. Invigorate- Spearmint, Rosemary, and Tea tree oil. 20. Island Spice - Luscious coconut is amped by a distinctive blend of woody teak, cedar and beautiful amber. Like an island spice market, it will pull you right in. 21. Jack-o-Lantern- Pumpkin love- Soap only! 22. Jubilee- Sweet warm cherries- just in time for summer celebrations! 23. Kudzu- A southern love- sweet grapes with hints of greenery and a floral undertone. Sweet and heady for those who need a little “Hey ya’ll” in life. 24. Lush- Dark, smoky Tonka shimmering with vanilla and touches of golden amber kissed oh so slightly with cocoa. 25. Mist- Light lavender and fresh spring rain. 26. Over the Rainbow-Lime and pineapple, raspberry and vanilla, simmer in the summer sun with green notes reminding you of hot days and cold treats. 27. Primal- Aquatic base notes meld into a very masculine scent of mahogany and musk. Every man’s ambition, every woman’s fantasy. 28. Southern Slumber- Sweet and succulent honeysuckle wraps around gorgeous French lavender like a sultry southern summer nap in a hammock. 29. Toga- If Cleopatra had a laundry room; this is what it would smell like: clean linens in a delicate white musk- feminine and charming. 30. Voodoo- Tonka bean and grapefruit, sandalwood and bergamot; all softened with luxurious cashmere and warm amber that fill the air with that old black magic you do!