CWRU Greek Life

Mission We, the members of the Greek community at Case Western Reserve University, believe that in order to foster the positive development of our member fraternities and of each individual member, we must uphold certain values. We recognize scholarship as a high priority and endeavor to achieve academic excellence. We will embody the quality of responsibility in all our thoughts and deeds; uphold the duty of accountability in our actions; have the discipline to pursue our goals within the bounds of our common fraternal values; and thus by doing so, live a life of honesty and integrity. We further strive to conduct all of our dealings in a manner of mutual respect and support; recognize the importance of the equitable treatment of others, both inside and outside of our individual organizations; and endeavor to empathize with each other in our daily lives. We believe that to enhance the Greek community, all individuals and organizations must aspire toward the attainment of the goals and values set herein. To effectuate these stated values, all individuals and organizations should strive for balance in all facets of life. Citizenship We strive to create a unique identity in order to build community. We advance philanthropy and volunteer service to build awareness and become involved in important human issues. Our greatest strengths reside in knowing civic engagement will help Greeks articulate and implement their visions and actions resulting in personal growth and community development. We acknowledge and embrace our partnerships with other publics which leads to positive community change. Scholarship The Greek Life Office seeks to create an engaging atmosphere encompassing faculty, students, and administrators which will foster lifelong scholarship and a powerful, successful learning environment. To accomplish this we provide support, resources, and mentoring that encourages students to recognize their collective duty to strive for academic excellence and integrity. Ritual Through education, mentorship, and support, the Greek Life Office encourages students to embrace a lifelong commitment to the standards, ideas, and virtues envisioned by their founders. This support empowers students to uphold and embody the traditions set forth in their rituals. Leadership Greek Life challenges students to be accountable and ethical leaders. We are role models and mentors and therefore strive to meet high standards. We encourage Greeks to applaud accomplishments, learn from mistakes, and develop skills to help students reach full potential.