The Kids Chef

Lily Kilfoy, AKA “The Kids Chef” is a cooking instructor and freelance Chef from Madison, Wisconsin. Her goal as an instructor is to expose children to the many benefits of cooking through hands- on experiences that develop skills to be used for life. It is also to teach children about healthy foods and cooking at a young age so that they can carry these values into adulthood. The classes that she teaches always have a specific theme to fit the occasion, using original recipes that represent the theme. Recipes have a strong focus on healthy cooking and incorporate as many local and seasonal fruits, vegetables and other ingredients as possible. Children learn about different foods and where they come from or how they are grown, use a variety of kitchen tools, learn to follow a recipe, learn different cooking techniques and kitchen safety. Cooking benefits children of all demographics! Cooking teaches science, the use of tools, encourages hand eye coordination and fine motor development. Recipes teach new words, time management, following directions, planning, reading and math skills. Cooking teaches about different cultures around the world and breaks down barriers. It improves social skills and encourages working together. Cooking fosters a sense of achievement, self-esteem, confidence, self-sufficiency, creativity, decision making skills, and instills independence, value and appreciation. Cooking teaches nutrition. It is low pressure way to expose new foods and encourage picky eaters to try new things. Making it fun will help kids to participate without feeling forced. Learning about food and where it comes from teaches about our environment, seasons, farming, and gardening, growing and how all of these are interconnected.