Oklahoma Silencer

Oklahoma Silencer is a licensed Class 3 Federal Firearms Dealer based in Bixby, Oklahoma. We specialize in providing the Firearm, Suppressor or Accessory of choice to the customer. We do have many items in stock, however, our preference is to listen to YOU and work together to find the best Firearm or Accessory to meet your needs. We have an extensive list of distributors carrying dozens of manufacturers, so if you have a favorite brand, we can get you a deal on it! With regard to any NFA items you might desire, Oklahoma Silencer will handle all the paperwork to ensure you are legal in your purchase as well as provide a smooth, trouble free transaction. Have a look around our site. You will find some of our in stock items, cool links to the items we can get and a little bit about who we are! Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to meeting your Second Amendment needs!


Federally Licensed Class 3 Firearms Dealer. Specializes in custom firearm builds and suppressor purchases to get customers the firearm they want at the best price.