We are Executive Assistants of the highest caliber, working to help busy people enjoy their lives, their work and their loved ones just a little bit more. Our goal is to remove the common objection of "it'll be faster if I just do it myself." We do this by holding firmly to a number of key principles: - We invest our time in finding the best, so that you don't have to - We provide flexibility - We become part of your team - We don't mindlessly check off tasks. We proactively make your life easier - We provide full transparency to what we're working on and how long it takes us - You gain access to an exclusive network, rather than just one individual Our Services: - Email Management - Travel Planning - Customer Service - CRM Support - Calendar Management - Project & Event Management We are effective from day one. We welcome new clients with a custom 30, 60 & 90 day kick-off plan to increase productivity from the start. Learn more: 33vincent.com