Original Hi Roller

The Original Hi Roller - the Vertical Slab Roller A breakthrough design in slab-making equipment forms better clay slabs in less time and in much less space. Can't get cluttered. Ready when you are. Features an innovative forming process that allows for perfectly even pressures on both sides of the slab eliminating one of the major causes of warping. The integrated canvas further speeds up the process by staying in place and perfectly aligned. The wall-mounted installation - Just fasten the Hi Roller to the wall for the ultimate in space-savings. A full-featured slab-making monster with the footprint of a kitten. The free-standing machine - Stable on any level surface and with optional casters can be rolled around the studio adding to the versatility of the design. Engineered for durability, and easy rolling makes the Original Hi Roller a joy to own and use.


Original Hi Roller - the Vertical Slab Roller! The future of slab-making equipment for the studio potter, ceramic classrooms, and production facilities.