Crochet By Ang

A little description on myself and what i do.Im Angelia,i am a stay at home mother to my 2 wild toddlers.Zach is 5,and Kyra is 2.I love taking care of my family and enjoy our time together.My second favorite thing other then my family is my yarns and hooks :) I enjoy very much making custom items for people.Ive been crocheting since i was 17,so 7 years.I do not really have a specialty,i am very good at everything i make.My biggest buyers are for baby items, hats, and stuffed amigurimi (animals,characters,exc).Just about anything can be made from crochet,If interested in a order,or if you have any questions you can message me,or email me at [email protected]*Important information on placing a order with me* due to too many customers not paying me,or canceling after i finish orders,I now must take some form of payment before i begin on a order.Depending on size of order,on average i must receive a $15 deposit for orders and it is non refundable,Once order is complete and you are ready for full payment i will take the deposit out of what you owe..Each item i make costs me money,and lots of time and love is put into each.Also,you may request photo updates if you would like to see how your order is going.I like my customers to know they will love there order,and to know everything is how you wanted.


Hello, im Ang and i own Crochet By Ang,I do custom crochet items.My prices are fairly low,i accept multiple payments,and i give great customer service!

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