We started making cakes in 2010 mainly for our kids and family members. During the last 5 years we discovered we have a passion for making delicious and different looking cakes. In April 2015, we thought of expanding our small initiative and become a part of your home and celebrations through our cakes. We make sure that each cake is a treat to your stomach and a feast for the eyes. We try to make sure each item on the cake is edible and the cakes are fully customized. And so we require that complex orders be made at least a week in advance. We also use part of the money to support NGO's and needy. We will designate a NGO for the month and part of the money from cakes during that month, goes to that NGO. We do try to research NGO's operation to make sure that they utilize funds judiciously. We raised money for the following people/NGOs: April : Ashika Katela Nepal Earthquake relief (through Seva Foundation) May: March for Babies (part of march of the dimes org) That way we make sure that these custom cakes bring a smile on your face as well as well on the face of someone in need of support and care. We truly stand behind our motto of "Custom cakes that make the world a better place".