Xtasi Vuitton

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Xtasi Vuitton has been Modeling for the past 9 years, with added experience as a Makeup Artist, Go-Go Dancer, Performing Artist, Bartender and now Fitness Guru. In his early 20's, he modeled for some of the Top Photographers in the area, with a special concentration on Artistic Nude, underwear and swimwear. His stage name originated from his time performing in Drag at various shows and pageants. In Summer 2012, Xtasi registered with Meak Productions, and was immediately awarded the title of Mr. SummerHeat 2012 for the 5th Anniversary Campaign of SUMMERHEAT (Annual Signature Campaign of Meak Pro's Talent Agency Division), and became 1 of the most successful to hold that title. After many hard trials during his early youth, in 2016, he finally accomplished his mission in graduating from Argosy University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Next year (2022), he will celebrate 10 Years with the World's 1st LGBT EXCLUSIVE Talent Agency & Production Company. His major accomplishments has been working with Flex Spa & Nightclub in his hometown, being the 1st to host a Meak Productions' Themed event in another city, getting booked as a feature model for Frat Bois Productions Annual B-Day/Toys 4 Tots Event featuring Celebrity Guest: Jensen Atwood in 2016, and his new Fitness Vlog/Podcast on Bigo entitled, "Fitness with Sagicorn", which airs 9 AM Monday-Friday online.


Meak Productions' Mr. SummerHeat 2012-15, Model, Bartender, Fitness Guru

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