Nenaz Merwear

About Our Customs Collection Rasiana Aguilar October 16, 2017 So everyone is always asking me... "where can I find a cute bathing suit ?! Where do you shop?! " As woman it is our natural instinct to want to set ourselves apart from the crowd when traveling, gathering with friends, or special occasions. Most of us fall into the dilemma of not knowing where to even begin! We dont know where to go, if we look online we dont know whats a credible source or not and then the stress of shopping around to find the best deals.. its EXHAUSTING!! And overwhelming for some of us. My best friend is a prime example: we a have trip coming up and she begins to go out on the search for swimsuits...all she finds is the same items in different colors or prints but all fit the same and never target her problem areas, she gets frustrated and storms out the store upset and with nothing resolved. She hates shopping, she cant trust online shopping, she doesn't have the patience for any of it. "If only the leg/thigh area were cut like this, or if there was more support to tuck in the belly she complains,it fits great but there isn't any support for on my breast!!! " OMG and what about droopy bottoms?! Those are the absolute worst! although now a days they have came out with some different options such as the cheeky bottom, the scrunchy bottoms etc. but some of us just cant seem to fit into these universal sizes and may require a special touch. Some of us hate spending hours at the mall or going from store to store in a the search for the right item and coming out empty handed. Or how about finding a piece that fits great but then you realize everyone has the same one!! Well fret no more! Im here to help ease your shopping process! I have to admit that I loveeeee the hunt for the right items. I enjoy the challenge of "shopping for treasures" as my girl Mariel used to call it. So I have decided to do the work for you! I have created a place where I will personally design your ideal swimwear pieces that target all those problem areas! And narrow down the hottest trends for you. If you have something in mind, or like some of our HOT FIND items but are worried about fit, just send me an email for a free consultation!