Law Office of Juan DeKruyff

When I started my own immigration law practice in 1997, I had a simple mission--help immigrants while charging a reasonable fee. Over the years, I have remained dedicated to this mission, and I have been able to help many immigrants come to and stay in the United States. As part of my mission, I've always tried to give sound and practical advice to clients and help them understand their situation and the options available to them. I do this without trying to scare them or pressure them into hiring me. I do very little advertising because I believe that when you do a good job for someone at a good price, people will eventually find you. After 18 years, I've been able to make a name and a reputation for myself almost exclusively through customer referrals. Almost 100% of my clients find me through referral from another client. My staff and I see on a daily basis how hard it is to live in the United States as an immigrant, so we do our best to make their lives a little easier. I feel I have a shared responsibility with other immigration lawyers to help immigrants understand their situations and know their rights here. I want every client that comes to my office to leave knowing the work I am doing for them, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. I also believe that it is my responsibility to be available to all my clients in person or on the phone to answer any questions that they have from time to time free of charge. I realize that for many clients this is the most important part of being their lawyer.