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Prizm Pain Specialists is focused on you as an individual. In addition to cutting edge medical and interventional therapies, the professionals at Prizm Pain Specialists address your mind, body, and spirit in the context of your family, your community, and your environment. Our approach to pain relief reaffirms your role in the relationship with our medical staff and emphasizes the importance of your participation in achieving optimal health and healing. Treating chronic pain is a complex science. Prizm Pain Specialists is a group of talented, multidisciplinary professionals committed to a fully integrated approach to your pain management. Our innovative approach results in a seamless continuum of care for you. Our single goal is an improved outcome for our patients. Our Physicians Dr. Jeffery Rosenberg and Dr. Fawad Rizvi are board-certified in pain medicine and anesthesiology. They have devoted their practice to maximizing a patient's quality of life. They share a passion for empowering patients to achieve their maximum level of function through the best medical and interventional management in order to help patients regain control and impact their futures. Physical Medicine Program With a full service physical therapy department led by John Putnam, DPT, and staffed by tehrapy professionals specifically dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain, our physical therapies as well as traditional treatments such as traction, we are leading the way in providng the optimal treatments to maximize our patient's potential. Behavioral Program Prizm Pain Specialists behavioral health team specializes in helping chronic pain patients recognize the mind-body relationship. Our behavioral program provides patients with coping mechanisms and pharmaceutical therapies personalized to maximize your insight and potential. Our behavioral health team is an integral part of your care regimen and proven to be an essential piece to the puzzle to solve your chronic pain. Wellness Programs The team at Prizm Pain Specialists also recognizes that positive lifestyle changes are equally important for resuming and maintaining your life at its fullest. We are proud to offer highly effective programs to assist you in fulfilling this very important need in: Smoking Cessation, Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medical Massage. Pharmaceutical Consultation Prizm Pain Specialists has on-site an accredited compounding pharmacy. A Doctor of Pharmacy is always available for your consultation, evaluation, and integration of your care to meet your set program goals. The ability to improve your health and wellness through custom prescription compounding reduces the reliance on long term opioid use. The pharmacists work hand in hand with patients and physicians. This symbiotic relationship optimizes patient care. Therapies that Work At Prizm Pain Specialists, we are leaders in the development of integrative care models for chronic pain management. Our Research Director (WHO) has over 15 years of experience in medical outcomes research, ensuring that treatments and methods used at Prizm pain Specialists meet the highest standards of scientific integrity.


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