Mattress & More

We were born out of the need for a good nights rest at an affordable price. Our customers drive us. We welcome and listen to feedback to tailor our offerings to our customers preferences. We have been in the mattress business since 2007. Our roots began in Chicago, Illinois when one of our founders(discretion lol) was forced to sell all of his belongings because of a liquidation of household belongings because of the dissolution of a relationship. While all items sold, only one item had tens of offers, the mattress. From that day on, we have been in the mattress business. We have hundreds of satisfied customers from Chicago to Atlanta and now, Cleveland. Cleveland is a special place for us because the founders were born and raised in Cleveland. Our dream has always been to provide jobs in our hometown. We are thankful that the stars aligned in a way that will allow us to fulfill those dreams. At Mattress & More, we aim to improve your life by offering quality mattresses at affordable prices. If there is any way we can help, let us know!