A Neet Look Majestic Beauty & Skin Care

A Neet Look Begins ......... A Neet Look~ Majestic Beauty & Skin Care the company developed from the dream of it's founder, Faith Archambeau and the company's namesake, Anita “Neet” Varrato, (Faith's mother) who shared a dream to build a family owned cosmetic company that would make a difference in the community. Anita “Neet” Varrato is an amazing Italian lady, wife, Grandmother and Mother who loved her family and all who met her loved her as well. Anita “Neet”, taught her girls young the importance of good skin care and self image. Her love of quality cosmetics and skin care products are found in A Neet Look's product line. Anita "Neet" is in heaven but, her dream lives on in A Neet Look ~ Majestic Beauty & Skin Care forever! COMING in Sept. 30, 2016 at