Locations: 1311 South 1st St. Austin, TX 78704 2420 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX 78705 80 Rainey St. Austin, TX 78701 Our business hours are updated weekly on Google and Yelp! One-fifth score and half a year ago, a frozen banana stand was birthed in Austin, Texas out of the wreckage of thousands of years of bananarchist dreams. This frozen banana stand, known as Bananarchy, was the first effort of its kind made in Austin since the Bananarchist Revolution of 1818, during which another banana stand was founded. (This banana stand was later shut down by the federal government due to its refusal to pay taxes, which the stand owners purported were spent on buying cake for congressmen.) Since the opening of the new banana stand, an Austin favorite, the stand has been fighting the strongholds of ice creamism, cakeism, and cupcakeism, with varying results, all the while patiently imparting to Austinites the sublime vision of frozen banana freedom.