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The Heart of the Matter Meet Your Stylist was created by a salon owner who wanted to find a solution for their salon’s client retention. They believed that if a client didn't come back after a first time visit, it was usually due to the client seeing the WRONG Stylist for their personality. It was a mis-match. So they wanted to come up with a way to encourage clients to revisit the Salon and try a NEW Stylist that they would be a better fit with! Meet Your Stylist was born simply to improve their salon’s retention rate! And WOW, the results have been PHENOMENAL. The results have been so freakin amazing that this same salon owner wanted to share the power of Meet Your Stylist with other professionals! Truth Be Told Has your Salon ever lost clients do to any of these reasons? Client visits once and seemed to enjoy the visit but never rebooked again Stylists went on maternity leave Stylists left or were terminated Stylists earned a raise and outpriced their clients Stylists became so busy that their availability didn’t line up with the clients If you said “YES” to any of these, we get it! And that’s why we’re sharing Meet Your Stylist with you! How it works: Meet Your Stylist is designed to match your Stylists with new clients that are absolutely the best fit for them. This goes beyond their talent behind the chair. This reaches the inner core of each person. What is so awesome is Meet Your Stylist was created to benefit the Stylist’s choice of clients versus the other way around. Meaning, your Stylists will be the ones to choose who they absolutely do their best work with. And because we’re creative, emotional humans, this custom survey syncs them with clients that are the best fit based on personality styles and RELATIONSHIP preferences! Different Strokes for Different Folks Think of it this way, if you have a Stylist who loves to be in charge and dislikes anyone who doesn’t follow their plan because they’re the expert and because of this, they know best. We all have Stylists on our team like this! Wouldn’t you agree that they do their best work with clients that are seeking someone who likes to take control and a Stylist they can just sit back and trust? Or the opposite is a supportive Stylist who (regardless of how many times we educated them NOT to say this…) ask clients what they are looking to do today. The best clients for them are those who seek to work with someone who won’t over power their opinion. Or they are the type of client’s who know exactly what they want and just want to find that professional who will oblige and execute accordingly. Either way, it can be a monumental FAIL if Stylists are given the wrong personality. As a professional, you could give someone the best haircut you’ve ever given but if they don’t jive with you, they won’t come back to you. This is the brilliance behind the Meet Your Match formula. But don’t’ just take our word for it! Please visit our "SUCCESS STORIES" Album! We look forward to helping you build the BEST clientele for you :)


A fun, easy, and accurate match-making survey that converts your website visitors into lifetime clients.

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