What is Comoto? Comoto is a D.I.Y workshop where you can bring in your bike for routine maintenance, put on new tires, or take the plunge and get that pile of parts on the road again. As well as being a place to work on your bikes, Comoto will host events and educational sessions for the local motorcycle scene. Our workshop will have something for the first time rider all the way to the track day veteran and everything in between. Our Mission The goal of Comoto is to offer all motorcycle owners and enthusiasts a place to do maintenance. We wish to not only provide the adequate space and proper set up to perform maintenance, but to also provide the customer with the full range of tools needed to maintain, repair, and even build their own motorcycle. We want to be Austin’s motorcycling garage. We at Comoto also aim to provide the environment to allow customers to gain the necessary knowledge to take care of their motorcycle. We want our customers to take control of their machines and grow as motorcyclists and individuals. How does Comoto Work? Customers will be able to reserve time in our workbays which will be stocked with tools and a motorcycle lift to get their work done. Stay Tuned for Updates!