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The Terry D Cook Law Firm specializes in all forms of estate and tax planning. These services can range from simple planning mechanisms, such as powers-of-attorney and estate planning wills or revocable trusts, or can be more thorough and intensive, with tools like irrevocable trusts in combination with family LLCs, etc... The method in which you choose to plan your estate is extremely individual in nature. Every estate and every family has different needs and wishes. The important thing to know when making any such plan is not merely how I wish for my assets and resources to be distributed to my heirs, friends, or charitable organizations, but also how the individual assets involved will be treated for tax purposes and the consequences of planning to transfer those assets improperly. You can cost your family and/or your estate thousands of dollars in taxes, legal fees, and other expenses if you don't know the answers to these important questions. Don't trust these plans to anyone who is not experienced in estate planning. Mistakes you make in your estate planning are not ones that are simple to correct after the fact. By the time a mistake in your estate plan is recognized, you are no longer there to sign the documents needed to correct it. Those kinds of mistakes can often be irreversible and extremely costly. Don't make those mistakes! Have your estate planned with the assistance of a professional that specializes in your needs. If you are having chest pains... you don't go to the proctologist to get a diagnosis!!! When you have estate planning or wealth and asset protection planning needs... be sure to speak to an estate planning and wealth and asset protection specialist.


The Terry D Cook Law Firm is a legal practice that specializes in estate planning, wealth preservation planning, asset protection and medicaid planning.

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