Axway is a catalyst for transformation. With Axway AMPLIFY™, our cloud-enabled data integration and engagement platform, leading brands better anticipate, adapt and scale to meet ever changing customer expectations. Our unified, API-first approach connects data from anywhere, fuels millions of apps and delivers real-time analytics to build customer experience (CX) networks that unite not only employees, but suppliers, partners and developers into an agile force for innovation that’s as fast and fluid as today’s digital customer. AMPLIFY sits atop a secure and agile data integration foundation built to accelerate the pace of DevOps and turn rigid, siloed data streams into a single, manageable infrastructure that moves as fast as you want. It’s a platform that gets everyone in sync to heighten efficiency and simplify the onboarding of new community members. Full API lifecycle management for enterprise architects, developers, security engineers and integration managers spurs innovation with API-based services that drive compelling customer experiences. Native cross-platform mobile app development and testing speeds time to market, connects to any data source in minutes via mobile-optimized APIs and drives user engagement and app success with real-time mobile analytics. And end-to-end visibility and business-oriented metrics let you predict unexpected situations, make optimal decisions and measure performance for continuous improvement. AMPLIFY is flexible enough to quickly start up with a single use case or scale to run many of your organization’s mission-critical services. It builds on and extends the proven capabilities of Axway product sets – Analytics, API Lifecycle Management, App Development, Community Management, Integration – adding a common layer of security and visibility, a unified user experience, a comprehensive API catalog, and easier DevOps adoption. To learn more, visit


Axway’s hybrid integration platform, AMPLIFY™ helps over 11,000 organizations worldwide create new experiences and services using traditional integration with APIs and over 150 connectors.

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