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We specialize in post tension concrete athletic courts. Mainly Tennis, Basketball, and skate parks. we have the ability to pour thousands of square feet at one time with NO control joints whatsoever. Compared to conventional asphalt courts, our product will Not crack saving people thousands in court maintenance over time. Just like anything, Post tensioned concrete needs to be installed and designed properly. With our engineered cable layout, and a 5" slab thickness, we construct concrete slabs that have an equivalent to a 10" thick conventionally reinforced slab. We also do it with no control joints. By applying a horizontal force of 33,000 lbs on each cable in our post tensioned slabs we can overcome any cracking of concrete. Our courts remain in "constant tension" for their lifespan. This tension stays "ahead" of the concrete as it cures and shrinks, virtually eliminating any shrinkage cracks from occurring.


RS Site and Sports are professional athletic court builders in Seymour CT specializing in Tennis, Basketball, Skate park, & sport court construction.

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