What is Rent to Own? Here's how it works: 1. Our prequalified Buyers that meet certain requirements place a small down payment , agree to terms that are set by the Seller. 2. The term is set: it could be for 1,2,3,or up to 5 years, Usually 1 to 3 years is fine. 3. During that time the buyer can exercise their option to Buy the Home, Wait until the end of their term or simply not exercise their option forfeiting there down payment and move out. 4. The Buyer will be responsible for any and all repairs after the first 30 days. 5. A home warranty will be purchased for each year the Buyer is in the home and a co-pay (usually about $60) is paid by the buyer for repairs after the first 30 days. 6. The home is sold as is to an agreed price and terms EASY AS THAT !!!