Madison Fire and Rescue

The Vision of Madison Fire Rescue is: The membership of Madison Fire & Rescue envisions that we will be widely recognized as an industry leader in the provision of services to our community, as well as the regional partners who request our assistance. Professionalism, integrity, honesty, and empathy will be evident in our external communications efforts and in the customer service we provide to those who place their trust in us. Well-executed physical resource management and a plan for resource demands will ensure we are supported to address current and future needs and risks of our community. Teamwork will be fostered by improved internal communications, safety practices will ensure we remain able to continue providing high-quality services, and well-executed workforce planning and development will invest in our human resources as our most valued asset. While performing our mission, living our guiding principles, and achieving our goals, we will meet or exceed the expectations of our community and realize our vision for a continuously improving Madison Fire & Rescue. We will provide this vision through our guiding principles of: Honesty - Accountability - Professionalism - Communication - Customer Service - Integrity - Safety - Teamwork - Empathy