SW Hearing Aid Solutions INC

We offer FREE Hearing Evaluations! After over 20 years, as a Hearing Aid Dispenser, I find that every loss is different. People have different needs and expectations. Whether it is to have conversations with friends & family, watch T.V., carry phone conversation, in restaurants, Dr.'s visits, etc.. My goal is to make people happy by meeting their needs with Hearing Aids, Accessories, and amplified phones are available for those who qualify. My vision is to improve your Hearing and Quality of Life. Texas offers the STAP program for those in need for amplified phones, neck loops, ring signalers and other accessories at no charge. STAP/Technology programs are administered by Southwest Hearing Aid Solutions Inc funded by HHSC/ Office of Deaf and Heard of Hearing Services.


Let's work together, to improve your Quality of life by Hearing and Understanding Better. Open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm and by appointment on Saturdays.

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