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Peekaboo The Clown

Peekaboo once a loved colorful clown, turned into a clown of shadows & silence.. It is said that any unexplainable tragic events at carnivals are to be blamed on Peekaboo.

Elle Rae Morris

Lantern Jakk

I am the essence of fear & Halloween, the chaser of souls, the weaver of nightmares. I am The Scarecow.

Miss Emily Villarreal

Miss Emily is currently living in Houston, TX awaiting the revival of the theatre world. Check out her IG, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, & TIKTOK for creative videos, performances, and silly cat stuff!

Ty McLeod

Actor I Writer | Filmmaker The Boysen Talent Agency

Carmella Harper___Actress

Carmella Harper is an actress based in Austin, Texas. She is currently in her second year with Brock and Allen’s “A Working Group,” developing her craft and gaining a wealth of knowledge from the finest professionals in the industry.

Toro Stunt

Actor/Stuntman, acrobat.

Pierrot Pantomimus

Weaver of nightmares, eater of fears, silence & shadows... comes The Mime

Timeca M. Seretti

Blacktress in the first degree. Singer of great songs. Writer of stories untold.


I have dream of deaf model and I want help to Cuban deaf people and I am try help to the deaf school get back.

Yeabibelle M

Kid Model/ Actress

Katie Olsen

This page is to showcase my work & connect with industry professionals. Say hi!

Actor, writer, director

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