All Biotechnology Companies in Austin

Altogen Labs

Altogen Labs CRO (


Telebiometrics:The quantification of a biological target from a distance or through electronic means.

Genprex, Inc.

Genprex is a clinical-stage gene therapy company focused on developing life-changing therapies for patients with cancer and diabetes.

Fluence Bioengineering

Exploring the interaction between life and light.


Volition is a multi-national healthcare company passionate about revolutionizing early disease detection in both humans and animals before symptoms appear, by developing simple, cost-effective blood tests.

InSyBio Ltd

InSyBio has developed an on-line suite of software tools – called InSyBio Suite – which assists biology researchers in extracting valuable biological knowledge from experimental data.

Human Half-Cell develops groundbreaking life extension products with a multitude of applications.

United Earth Energy

United Earth Energy is devoted to creating a cleaner and healthier world today. We have a way to transform the world's trash into renewable by-products including electricity, clean fuels, soil improvements & distilled water. All with near zero emissions.


SelenBio, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the prevention of bacterial biofilm formation using proprietary SELDOX™ technology.

Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet Intelligence develops and integrates proprietary artificial intelligence and machine vision with existing drone agriculture technologies.

Lung Therapeutics, Inc.

Lung Therapeutics, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company targeting niche, orphan drug indications for lung injury and disease, with an emphasis on fibrosis.

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