All Escape Game Rooms in Austin

Austin Panic Room

Experience the finest escape room entertainment where your puzzle solving skills will be tested and teamwork is forged by a common goal: TO ESCAPE THE ROOM

The Escape Game

Here, anything is possible. Travel to unexplored planets, alternate realities, and even through time. Inside our worlds you'll find extraordinary adventures in need of explorers, risk-takers, and problem solvers. This is where hero and adventure meet.

Escape Hour Austin

Escape Hour Austin is home to the most adventurous, immersive, engaging, escape experiences in Austin Texas. Hand-built, original content.

Great Room Escape Austin

Great Room Escape is an experience unlike anything you have ever done before, a fully interactive and immersive live gaming experience including VR escape!

Lockout Austin

Lockout Austin is a real-life room escape game where 4-6 friends work together to solve mysteries and escape a locked room! A uniquely fun experience!

Maze Rooms Austin

Maze rooms – are real escape games, a new wave in the future of entertainment and a great opportunity to wind up your brain.


A high-tech, puzzle filled Escape Room game.

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