All Haunted Houses in Austin

House of Torment

Austin's World Famous House of Torment Haunted House. Featured on Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, Travel Channel and Discovery Channel. 3 Haunted Houses, One Location, One Price. Instagram: @houseoftorment Snapchat: @houseoftorment

Sowen The Scarecrow

I am a Scarecrow that embodies the essence of Halloween. In slumber till the time of the goblin comes upon us once again, to play my twisted tricks upon the living.

Peekaboo The Clown

Peekaboo once a loved colorful clown, turned into a clown of shadows & silence.. It is said that any unexplainable tragic events at carnivals are to be blamed on Peekaboo.

Lantern Jakk

I am the essence of fear & Halloween, the chaser of souls, the weaver of nightmares. I am The Scarecow.

Pierrot Pantomimus

Weaver of nightmares, eater of fears, silence & shadows... comes The Mime

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